Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Postcards

Here are some more fabric postcards to have arrived in my mailbox. So much talent. The woman who make postcards, are just as close of a close knit group, as the woman who are on the DJ list. Always there to lend a helping hand, or just to talk when needed. They lend moral support as well, as unlimited kindness. I feel it is an honor to have befriended all of the ladies, on both groups.

The DJ siggie swap is supposed to be announced tomorrow. I can't wait. I have my fabric and muslin, and will order my stamp on Monday.

I found out that a new quilt shop will be opening up only 20 miles away from home, which is good, as my closest one now is about 45 miles away. I go shopping every couple of weeks in the City where the quilt shop is opening so this will be great for me.


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