Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Postcard

I had another postcard in today's mail. I have been doing the alphabet with some other swappers, and this one was made by Janet Parde. I love all of the different themes everyone is coming up with for the different swaps. I never would have thought of Bee hive how clever.
I have joined the spring fling swap on the DJ list, so I need to get busy making my blocks for the swap. This is my first time doing the spring fling swap so I decided to only do 2 blocks, but we are to make 5 of each block so 10 total. I am going to add the blocks that I receive back to my "Helping Hands Quilt" made by other DJ'ers that I have swap block's with in 30's re pro fabric. I think with these block's and the one's I have I will have enough for a nice size quilt.
I have been busy today working on a basket block that I am doing with another group. I will post a picture when I get it finished.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quiet Easter

Well, my weekend is almost over, boy 4 day's sure go fast when you are having fun. We had our Easter dinner last weekend with the kids, as our youngest went away. We had dinner with my Brother last night, and just spent a quiet day at home today.

I did some PPP on my machine quilting frame, started out quite well, but toward the end I started having some problems so decided that maybe it was time to quit for the day. As, I name my machines etc, and I couldn't think of a name for my frame, I thought of a name awhile ago. I am dubbing my frame "MAX" as it is at the maximum size that I can set it up at for the size room I have. I can do a queen size quilt on it so I am quite happy with it.

Well it is back to work tomorrow so I had better get going and get my stuff around.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dinner & a frame

I finally got a picture of my new quilting frame. I have been in practicing since my kids went home. It is not as easy as it looks, but it does take PPP, and I am not doing so bad.

It was a beautiful day but quite cool today, but we are supposed to get a nasty snow storm starting tomorrow. It sure was good to see all of the kids, and my sister in law together today. We had a great dinner, and we then went to see my Mom who isn't feeling real well.


New Frame

Well I got my new machine quilting frame Friday. I love it. One we got it together I haven't had alot of time to play yet, but was I have done I have really enjoyed. As I try to name some of my
quilting equipment I haven't been able to come up with a name yet. My 6600 is Daisie May, but I am having trouble with thinking of a name for my frame.

DH has been great helping me put it together, and he has been watching for a used quilting machine for me to use on it so I don't have to keep putting Daisy back and forth onto it. I have an old brother machine that I can piece on but once you get used to it bigger machine with all of bells, and whistles it is hard to go back.

I have been watching Micki's blog with interest in her Vampire series. I have read some other vampire books by Ann Rice, and now these sound quite interesting. I really enjoy these kind of story lines, and I am going to check into these books as I enjoy setting outside and reading in the summer, other than quilting it is probably the most relaxing thing I do.

Well, I will try to get a picture of my new toy later. My family will be here for Easter dinner today, as it is the only time we can all get together so I need to get busy. I enjoy having them all here together when we can.