Friday, November 28, 2008

DJ Secret Pal Gift

This is a little teapot pincushion, that I recieved from my Secret Pal. I just love it. It is probrobly my favorite gift from her yet, although it is hard to say for sure, as all of her gifts have been great, from the January Calendar, to the snails trail scrap quilt pattern, to the Angel paper piecing quilt pattern. Actually I can't choose which items are my favorite, as I love them all. She has been an absolutely great SP.

I am still working on my Christmas gift quilts, that I am tying. I think I will make it, but only time will tell. We went to our son's for Thanksgiving yesterday, after I got done with work. The dinner was delicious, and the company was great. I had a great time visiting with our Grand-daughter Lexi. She sure is full of energy, but most 2 year olds are. She knows all of her ABC's and can count to 20. She knows all of her shapes, including rectangles, triangles, and octagon's. She is a sweet heart. Time to go, and works on quilts.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I haven't posted for a while. Life has been so hectic. This is a mystery quilt I made the top of last year. I made this with the Quilts by Kos, yahoo group. I had originally planned to machine quilt it, but never got to it, so I decided to tie it, and give it to my sister in law Sharee, as a Christmas gift. I hope she likes it.

Today is the first day of Deer season in our area, and there has been a lot of traffic the last few day's even if I do live on a dirt road. The weather is miserable and raining, so today there hasn't been a lot of anything going on.

DH and I just got back from Olean Joann's, and I got a new cutting mat, and also one of the rotating cutting mat's. I have been wanting one of the rotating ones, but they are quite pricey, in my book anyway, so when I got to Joann's to buy the regular cutting mat, and realized that they now carried the rotating ones, I couldn't resist with all cutting mat's being 50% of this week, with an additional 10% off your total order even sale prices.

I really want to get started on some siggie quilts, but I have a few more quilts to tie for Christmas gifts.

I had an inspection by the state yesterday at work, the inspection was to check my paper work and to be sure, I was keeping accurate records. When we were threw with that part of the inspection, until it was serving time I was taking a little break with the inspector, and as we were talking, I was nicely surprised to find out that she was also a quilter. She said she tries to stop at all of the little quilt shops in the area she is currently at, as she has to drive several hours to get to the area she is inspecting at for the week. She was telling me that her husband says Oh no, more fabric every time she comes home.

Til' next time,