Saturday, February 21, 2009

SP Package, and Lexi's visit

I had a lovely surprise in the mailbox yesterday, a package from my DJ secret pal. It contained a lovely quilt journal. I never had one before, so I just love it, and I no longer have any excuses, and I can now keep a journal of all my quilts that I make. I also received a sweet note pad, with 2 angels inside of a heart on it. I collect angels, and I have always loved hearts, so both of these gifts hit right at home with me, and I love them both.

Our son and granddaughter came to visit today, and after lunch she said Grami I'm so tired, I want a nap so I got her a pillow, and a quilt that I have hanging in the living room to cover up with. Lexi looks at the quilt and says no I want a purple one to cover up with, so Grami being Grami, promised to make a purple one for her to cover up with when she is here, so I guess that will be the next thing on my to do list, but that is OK, as she is so sweet, and I now know that purple must be her favorite color.

Lexi will be waking up soon so I better get going, I also have a few other things I need to do.


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