Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Go Givaway

There is a Baby Go giveaway over on Sunshower quilts. It would be so awesome to win this it sure would be helpful for cutting up all those scraps etc. If you would like to go on over and check it out here is the link to her blog, and the givaway post.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back from Bradford, and Quilt

Well, DH, Kyle, and I went to Bradford, PA last week for the Case Collector Reunion. We all had a great time. I presented a quilt to a wonderful employee of case which I made, and had CCC forum members sign at our forum dinner. I got many wonderful comments on the quilt, and it was greatly appreciated by the recipient and his wife. This is the picture of the quilt before it was signed and presented.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

WOW it's been a long time

I guess it is time I started blogging a little more. Let's see, my Mom has been sick a lot, and I to have had my ups and downs in the last few months, but I'm hoping things are finally starting to settle down.

I was totally shocked yesterday when the phone rang, and DH said it was for me, and when I got on the line, I was told that I had won a 40" LCD flat screen TV. I sure wasn't expecting that. I had bought 3 tickets for $5.00 from the legion in a neighboring town, to help with scholarships etc., a while ago, and had totally for gotten about it, so it sure was a wonderful surprise.

In March I finally got Brutus, my Voyager 17 quilting machine. It is great and I love using it, the only problem is I don't have enough time to do everything I want with it. He is not a big fancy machine, but for my quilting hobby he is perfect, in size, and price. He can do anything that the big monster machines can, but he is not computerized so everything I do is freehand, or pantographs by hand, so everything has my personal touch, and is not a carbon copy, cookie cutter pattern coming from a computer, as even if I use a pantograph it still is not 100% exactly as it come off from the roll.

This is a picture of Brutus, I took it a while ago, so he has had a few updates since this picture was taken. Well, I guess it is time for some more quilty fun.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


I guess life must really be getting in the way!!! It has been well over a month since I have posted anything to my blog. Sometimes I just get to involved with other projects to remember to update my blog. I have had my 50th birthday since I last posted, some family illnesses, as well as my own health problems, but I do believe that all is getting better for the time being.

I really need to get busy with my quilting, and other necessities of life (yes, I consider quilting a life necessity for me). So to all of my blog followers I am going to try to keep up better.

I would also like to Thank my Secret Pal, for the wonderful September package. I can't wait to finish the miniature quilt, and hang it in my office at work.


Friday, August 21, 2009

August DJ Secret Pal Package

WOW it sure has been a long time since I have posted! I guess life has been to busy, and exciting lately.
I got this lovely package for my Birthday month from my DJ Secret Pal. Every month I can hardly wait to get my package, as each one is so unique, and I love them all. I got some teapot fabric, which I love, and I know I will have a hard time cutting into. Some tweezers, for just those times when you need a little something extra to pluck a stray thread etc. Binding clips in a tin, I just seem to never have enough of them. Mini duster, and how fitting that my Secret Pal said that she used hers on her side winder, as I just purchased one yesterday, and my package arrived yesterday. Glue for all of those crafty things, and a chain piecing thread cutter, I had never seen one of these, and just from looking at it I can tell just how useful it is going to be, and I am sure that once I start using it, I won't know how I ever lived without it.
Everything is great and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. These packages are great, and lift my spirits tremendously when I have had a rough day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Case Forum Prize Package

My package arrived today for the July CCC Forum drawing. What a great package it was. There was a Case polishing cloth, a sharpening stone. A Stainless Steel Lockback, a Yellow Sod Buster, and a Seahorse Whittler Knife, last but not least, was a Rick Garcia (Rayban) original handmade knife case, designed specifically for a seahorse whittler. The generosity of the men, and women on the knife forum, never ceases to amaze me, as is shown with the package that I received from Blademon (JC) on the knife forum.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Winner of a Monday

Monday was the first official day of my much needed vacation from work, and what a great day it was. Full of Surprises, and just a calm relaxing day. First thing in the morning I found out that my name was drawn for the July drawing on the Case Knife Forum. My first instinct was to say YAY! I never win anything, but after thinking about it, I no that it isn't so, as I have won several different drawings, and contest where Case knives are concerned, but it was a wonderful surprise.
Later in the early evening, after having spent some quality time with my DH, when we arrived home I had received a surprise package from my DJ Secret Pal. A "SWEET" bouquet of lollipops, some hot iron transfers which I will use to try some red work, a sweet little brass teapot pincushion, which will add nicely to my teapot, and pincushion collections, an Angel for my Angel collection which is now hanging in my sewing studio, over my quilting frame, a stencil which I didn't have, and last but not least , a cute fabric covered box that I had the perfect spot for. I had just set up a small table in front of my bay window, and I had an opening on it that I just wasn't quite sure what to put there, and low and behold my package arrived with the perfect box to put in that spot. I will use this to hold all of the sweet cards that my secret pals from last year and this year have sent. I certainly have been very lucky, as I have had 2 of the best Secret Pals anyone could ask for.
Well, day 2 of my vacation is getting well underway, and I believe it is time for some quilting!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Seth's Graduation Cake

My nephew Seth graduated from High School last week, and we are all so proud of him. His Graduation party is tomorrow, and being that I am the resident cake decorator for our family for everything from Birthday's to Weddings this is what I came up with for his Graduation it is a then and now cake with his Kindergarten, and Senior picture on it. I am really hoping that he likes it. I now consider myself on vacation with this cake finished, and now I can relax for a week. I'm really hoping to get some serious quilting done, and spend some quality time with my DH.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Flower Head Pin

I am not sure if this is a testimony of the durability of the Janome 6600, the Organ Sewing Machine needle, or just plain old fashioned luck. But tonight as I was layering a quilt and basting the edge to get ready to frame machine quilt a quilt, I accidentally got to close to a pin, and I didn't see it, until I was done, but I felt a pop - pop - pop, and I heard it as well, and just assumed it had hit a thick seam. Well to make a long story short, as I removed all of the pins, and went to meander the first row, I haven't to see a pin that I had missed under the edge of the seam, and I had to get my seam ripper out to remove it as I had sewn it the the quilt threw the flower head. I couldn't believe it. The needle didn't break, the machine is purring like a kitten, and so far (knock on wood) it is still sewing like a dream. This just amazes me as I have broken needles just sewing over a seam wrong, and this didn't sew just once threw the head as you can see it went threw it 3 times. Now is that luck or what.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Traditions

This is the newest addition to my Case Knife Collection. This is a mint set offered only to Case Collector Club Members, and you have to have your name added to a lottery to win the chance to purchase them, as there are only 500 sets made. Well, in all honesty my DH won the chance to purchase them not me, but I had won one from the winter promotion lottery, so I swapped him as I love the family tradition sets. I know knife collecting is so much different from my quilting hobby but this is something that I do with my husband, and we have a great time doing this together. He has many more than I do as I only collect on a small scale, but I enjoy it none the less.