Thursday, August 21, 2008

Burger Queen Mystery Quilt, Doctor

I had a Dr. appointment to get my AICD check, and things are going fairly well, all though they did tell me that my Defibrillator almost went off on August 2 but my heart rhythm straightened itself out just before it went off. Thank goodness, it would have scared the H*** out of me. It hasn't gone off before, as my meds have been taking care of the problem and keeping most things at an even keel, but you never know. Being at high risk for sudden death is a very scary thing, and when you find out something like this, it brings everything that almost happened before back. At 48 years young, sometimes it feels overwhelming, then you get busy with life, quilts, and siggies you tend to forget out it until something happens again.
This is the Burger Queen mystery quilt that I made with the stash mystery group. I put the final borders on last night. It will be Lexi's Christmas present. Her Mom saw it and loved it she said Lexi will love it also, as she loves bright colors. I only have 35 Christmas siggies left to make, plus the SIRS siggies, then I will be about caught up with swaps, and I am going to get to work on some other tops I have started as Christmas gifts. I want to give all of my family a quilt this year for Christmas we will see.


Marianne said...

Very nice, Wilma! I love bright colors with black.

Hope you don't have any more heart scares. We need you swappin'!

Marianne in VT

Elly D said...

Your BKM looks great!! Well done!! I haven't finished my blocks yet!! I seem to have stalled. Elly