Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fabric Shopping Trip

After having a long week at work, and having to work 3 double shifts in a row, I decided to take a mental health day on Friday. Being lazy as I usually am when I take a day off DH decided to surprise me. He said lets go for a ride. So we went down town, and had breakfast out, and then he says let's drive down to Dansville so you can go to the quilt shop. It was a great day, I love it when he surprises me. I found a lot of fabric by the pound for my scrap quilting, as scrap quilts are my favorite. I also bought some more fabric for my SBS quilt, so now I really need to get to work on it. I also bought a piece of half price fabric, it was almost 3 yards. I'm not sure what I will use if for, but I liked it so I know that I will use it in something. Can you tell that I am a thrifty shopper. I think I need to buy everything on sale. Most all of my quilts are half price quilts, with the exception of my Dear Jane, and SBS. But then again when I go to this quilt shop, I get everything 15% off. I love a bargain. I don't have any real local quilt shops this one is the closest, and it is almost an hour away, but I love it. The other quilt shop that I like is in Arcade, NY, and I do get some deals there, although not as many. But, the Arcade shop has a different advantage, My Son, Daughter-in-law, and beautiful grand-daughter live there so I get the best of both world when I visit there.

I have nearly finished the Stash Mystery Quilt called "Burger Queen" have it your way, and it is very BRIGHT, I'm sure Lexi will love it for her Christmas gift from her Mammie. My Grandson Kyle will be getting a quilt also, but I'm not 100% sure which one. I think it is going to be a crumb quilt though, as he picked some fabric that he thought would look nice with it, and it is a mottled blue. Kyle is also a great young man, at 13, and I am proud of them both.


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Micki said...

Any day that we can shop for fabrics is a good day. LOL