Sunday, August 3, 2008

Antique Mall

Bill and I just got back from the Antique Mall in Salamanca, NY, and the Case / Zippo Visitors Center in Bradford, PA. I didn't buy any quilts, or knives but I did get some ideas for quilts to make. I have learned to look at even the quilts I don't want to get ideas for new ones. I found one two color quilt with a simple block pattern, but I still need to look up the name, that alternated with a plain block to make it look like chains, but it wasn't Irish chain I have seen it before but can't remember the name of the block. Both the pieced block, and alternate plain blocks were 5" finished, simple but very nice. The other one was a 12" bears paw, with alternate 16 patch blocks it was done in plaid, and would make a nice quilt for a man. I also saw a Double wedding ring quilt top that I almost purchased to finish made with pink background, and 30's fabrics probably from the 30's the top had some stains, that I wasn't sure would come out so I decided to pass on it. It was only a twin size or I may have gotten it anyway.

We both had a great time, and it was quite relaxing.


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