Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I had a great birthday this year. I got a new Dell Laptop Computer from DH, and a whole box full of "Birthday Siggies" and a package from my DJ Secret Pal. I was such fun to leisurely open each individual envelope filled with siggies, and some cards, and notes. The siggies were from all over the world. I am going to post some siggie pictures later, when I have a chance to get more pictures. One of my siggie packages even had 4 siggies in it, and there were bikini bears in every possible situation. Thanks Rosa, they are great. I went shopping with some friends Friday, and we hit all of the major craft stores, and then some. They even told me about another quilt store that I didn't know about, that is even closer than the others. Guess where I'm going to go soon.. Problem is I have a ton of fabric already. Maybe I need to stay off from my new puter a little while and get some more sewing done. I'm thankful to everyone for the great Birthday, the siggies are great, computer even better, now I can keep in better contact with all of my cyber quilter friends.

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Rosa Robichaud said...

Oh Wilma!!!!

Just LOOK at all the enveloppes and packages!!!

Lucky you! I wasn't able to hold off till my birthday - it's in February, anyhow! LOL

Hope you had a great one!