Saturday, August 9, 2008

Burger Queen Mystery

Well, I didn't get my Dear Jane TOW done, but I did finish the next clue in the Stash Mystery "Burger Queen" Have it your way mystery quilt finished. Withe these bright colors, I know Lexi, will love it. I also worked on my DJ Alternates Group Christmas Siggies. I am about half finished. I need to cut some more centers, as I had everything cut out but, I needed some center for my Birthday Siggies, so I "borrowed" some from my Christmas Siggie box. I still have one more individual swap to finish so maybe I will work on one of her blocks. I also can't wait to work on my SBS blocks some more.

I was reading on Micki from Ireland's, blog about a Irish Convict Project, and I am also thinking of checking into making a bonnet for this project. I don't have an embroidery machine, but think I may be able to come up with something. I really need to do find out more info ASAP, as what I have read really touched my heart. Well I think I will get some more work done, I really need to do some house cleaning, and sorting of unneeded items.

It is a beautiful day here, cooler than it had been, but bright and sunny. My kind of day. But then again living in Western New York, you get a little of everything, and get to see the beauty of all of the seasons.

Time to get busy.


Elly D said...

Hello Wilma!! I found your blog via Rosa's :-D Your Mystery quilt is coming along great. I've only got one of the 8 blocks put together from the plate sorting bitty. I can see I'll be sewing like crazy on Monday evening to get caught up:-D

Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Wilma!

Have never made a mystery quilt.... yet. *grin*

Yours looks gorgeous, BTW!

Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Will now have to be careful on what I write to you.... seeing as you collect "knives"! Wouldn't want you to (virtually) run after me, with 1 of your knives!!! LOL

Elly D said...

Your mystery is looking great Wilma!! Getting there slowly with mine. Got the #9 plates to sew up yet.


Caron said...

Caron was here! Thanks for sharing your blog address with the DJ list! pretty quilts!