Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kyle's Day of Pride

Last Friday our Grandson Kyle was honored at school for his community pride. Last year all of the middle school students were asked to write and essay on community pride, and responsibility and what it means to them. Kyle's essay was chosen as the #1 essay, and a bronze life size statue of Kyle was made. As the statue depicts, Kyle wrote an essay about a young man who takes pride in his community by keeping it cleaned up, and how he would paint all the fire hydrants to keep the community looking nice.

When Kyle was asked how it felt to be immortalized in a bronze statue for all who pass threw our town to see, he blushed a little and said "Pretty Good" and he was beaming with pride. As you can see Kyle has grown a bit since this project was started. He is a good student, and is on the Honor Roll. Bill, and I are both very proud of him, and tell him so often.


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Rosa Robichaud said...

Oh my goodness, Wilma! We were just spared, last weekend, from the tropical storm "Kyle" and when I read the title of this blog, I thought it had to do with the storm! *grin*

Thank GOODNESS your news was a 100 times better than the storm!

Congratulate Kyle on his achievements, on my behalf, please? Winning the essay thing and then having a bronze statue made, is nothing to sneeze at!!!