Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shopping Trip

I wanted to go to a new fabric shop, that I hadn't been to before, and DH and I went today. It wasn't a bad quilt shop, but it still isn't one of my favorites. A little more pricey than my favorite one, and no special deals. I'm not saying that I won't go again, but won't make a special trip either. I did see a stained glass angel wall hanging quilt, that I loved. I would really like to try making one, but not sure if I could handle it.

We also went to an Antique Shop, and also a Salvation Army Store, to look at everything, and also DH would like to get a display case for his knife collection, but we didn't find anything. I did see an old postage stamp quilt that was neat. Looking at all those little pieces makes me think that I must be crazy to want to make one of my own.

We didn't find much, but I had a great time shopping. DH and I always enjoy our time together.


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