Saturday, January 17, 2009

I got a package yesterday from my Secret Pal 2009', she made me this very sweet DJ friends cut out. It is so cute. I am going to put a hanger of some kind on the back and hang it in my sewing room to remind me of not only her but all of my DJ friends, and what a close group we all are. I have been working on some mystery quilts, and need to finish them. I love a good mystery, and these are turning out great. I just need to learn to finish what I start before starting another one, but oh' well that's not going to happen. I always have several works in progress, and it just doesn't seem to change. I always do finish them but not always in the order that I start them in.

I have been enjoying making fabric postcards. For some reason I never remember to take pictures before sending them on there way, but maybe later I will post some pictures of some of the ones I have received. I have also received several siggies from the international swap list, and I love them all. I have signed up for this year Birthday Siggie Swap, but there is a much smaller group of ladies on it, 23 compared to 103 I believe from last year. I also need to finish my Christmas siggie quilt, when I get a chance it will be my only Christmas quilt, and I really would like it to use next Christmas season.

It is very cold here today, -14F when we got up now it is up to a whopping 4F with a wind chill of approximately -25F a good day to stay inside, and quilt.


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