Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last 3 quilts tied for gifts

Here are the last 3 quilts that I tied to give for gifts. I liked how all of the Christmas quilts turned out. I can't wait to start some new ones. The Red and Black quilt is a Mystery that I did with the Quilts by Kos Yahoo group, designer was Tara Kos. The Carpenters Star is a Mystery Quilt called Tamara's Choice, I did this quilt with the Pocketful of Mystery's Yahoo group, this quilt was designed by Dorothy Young. And the last one is a quilt that I made the top for in 2002, after losing my Father the previous year, and breaking my leg in 2 places, and dislocating my ankle at the same time, the following year. I pieced this top with my cast on, and I named this quilt "Putting together the pieces", and I am giving this quilt to my youngest son Matthew, as he was a teenager at the time, and we were all putting together the pieces.


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