Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Christmas quilts tied and bound

Well, I just finishe these 2 quilts for Christmas gifts. The blue one is the crumb quilt that I made for my grandson Kyle, and the other one is a Mystery Quilt that I made with the quiltvillechat yahoo group of Bonnie Hunters. This quilt is called "Orange Crush". It was the April fools mystery quilt this year. I am giving it to my oldest son John, as he was born on "April Fools" day, so I thought that it was only fittin that I give to him seams it was the April Fools Mystery. I only have 2 more quilts to bind, and they will be done, and just in time, as we are having our Christmas on Sunday. I am going to post pictures of the other 3, one of which is already finished, after I finish the last one.

I got another lovely pachage from my DJ Secret Pal yesterdy, her identity was revieled to me so "THANK YOU" Penny Jones, for being such a great Secret Pal. I hate to see the year end. Everything you sent this year was great. Well, time to get back to work on the quilts.


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