Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home and CCC finished quilt

We are home from our Mini Vacation. We had a great time meeting all the CCC members, and especially the CCC forum members that we have been chatting with, and were finally able to put faces with names. The comrodery was great, so many people from different walks of life, all enjoying the same hobby, many new friendships were formed. This is the signature quilt I was working on for a while now to be signed by all the forum members who were present at the forum dinner, along with there guest. At the end of the dinner, this quilt with all of the signatures on it was presented to the President of Case Thom Arrowsmith, Case Historian Shirley Boser, and events coordinator for Case Lisa Boser-Miller. The quilt was excepted by these 3 people, and the president said that it will be hung in a prominent place in the Case/Zippo museum in Bradford, PA for all to see. It was quite an honor.

I also won a one of a kind prototype knife in the 200 club drawing, as well as receiving other memorabilia from this great event. I enjoy knife collecting as a hobby with my DH, and it comes second, only to my quilting for enjoyment. I will post some other photo's later.


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