Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Winner of a Monday

Monday was the first official day of my much needed vacation from work, and what a great day it was. Full of Surprises, and just a calm relaxing day. First thing in the morning I found out that my name was drawn for the July drawing on the Case Knife Forum. My first instinct was to say YAY! I never win anything, but after thinking about it, I no that it isn't so, as I have won several different drawings, and contest where Case knives are concerned, but it was a wonderful surprise.
Later in the early evening, after having spent some quality time with my DH, when we arrived home I had received a surprise package from my DJ Secret Pal. A "SWEET" bouquet of lollipops, some hot iron transfers which I will use to try some red work, a sweet little brass teapot pincushion, which will add nicely to my teapot, and pincushion collections, an Angel for my Angel collection which is now hanging in my sewing studio, over my quilting frame, a stencil which I didn't have, and last but not least , a cute fabric covered box that I had the perfect spot for. I had just set up a small table in front of my bay window, and I had an opening on it that I just wasn't quite sure what to put there, and low and behold my package arrived with the perfect box to put in that spot. I will use this to hold all of the sweet cards that my secret pals from last year and this year have sent. I certainly have been very lucky, as I have had 2 of the best Secret Pals anyone could ask for.
Well, day 2 of my vacation is getting well underway, and I believe it is time for some quilting!!!

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