Sunday, October 4, 2009


I guess life must really be getting in the way!!! It has been well over a month since I have posted anything to my blog. Sometimes I just get to involved with other projects to remember to update my blog. I have had my 50th birthday since I last posted, some family illnesses, as well as my own health problems, but I do believe that all is getting better for the time being.

I really need to get busy with my quilting, and other necessities of life (yes, I consider quilting a life necessity for me). So to all of my blog followers I am going to try to keep up better.

I would also like to Thank my Secret Pal, for the wonderful September package. I can't wait to finish the miniature quilt, and hang it in my office at work.



Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Wilma!

Sooooo glad that you're back to quilting.

Sometimes, getting back into the saddle's the hardest part. Once there, you'll see that it's still pretty darn comfortable. *grin*

Canadian Polar Bear Hugs to you, Wilma and Happy 50th!!!!



Sunna Reyr said...

Your blog was one of many that I visited a few times before I started blogging, but I never made the connection when we joined the quiltblockswappers. I find that funny and I like your blog. Look forward to receive your star blocks.