Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quilt Finished

I just finished Lexi's Christmas Quilt I think it came out quite nice. It was a mystery quilt that I did with the stash mystery group. I tied this quilt, and then used one of the decorative stitch patterns that were on my machine to stitch the binding down rather than doing the stiching down by hand. The thread has all of the focus fabric colors in it and was perfect for doing this. I chose the heart stitch, as I call Lexi my "Sweet Heart", so it seemed fitting to use this heart stitch on the binding. I am going to name this quilt quite simply "Sweet Heart", and it should look really sweet on her Dora the Explorer bed.

I got my Secret Pal Package yesterday, and I loved everything in it. It is always a surprise when it comes as for some reason I always forget about it until it shows up in my mail box. Yesterday was a double surprise, as I also received my fabric postage stamp swap pieces. I have been using these 1.5 inch pieces of fabric for my leader / ender project while I am sewing. For those of you who don't know about leader / enders you really should visit Bonnie Hunter's quiltville site. I have the pattern all picked out to use these tiny 4-patches in, and this is a quilt that I intend to keep for myself. It is now time work on couple of other quilts. One is my April Fool's Mystery called "Orange Crush" for my son John as a Christmas gift as he was born on April Fools Day, and the other is my Grandson Kyle's Crumb quilt.


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