Friday, June 27, 2008

Nephew, & Quilting

I just sent a picture to John, we always called him Little John, because he was the youngest, of 5 John's in the family. It is really hard having him in Kuwait, and then Iraq in 2 weeks, but I'm sure it is even harder for him. I have a quilt picked out and have been pulling RW&B scraps to make for him. I printed the pattern, the day he left, and have started sewing it. I got the pattern from one of my favorite sites, and Bonnie Hunter is a wonderful scrap quilt designer, and this pattern is perfect for this quilt. I am going to put the last stitch in the binding the day he comes home. I will be giving it to him the first time I see him when he gets back. We are all so proud of him.

I can't believe that I signed up for another siggie swap but I did. It is called the Special Irish Rose Siggie Swap, and being Irish decent I couldn't resist. It has been a long week, and I think I will go relax and do some sewing.


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