Saturday, June 28, 2008

Best Friends

I just finished decorating my Great Nephews Kindergarten Graduation Cake the picture makes it look wavy but it's not. He is so much bigger than his best friend, but they are the same age. Makes me think of my oldest son when he was in kindergarten. His best friends Mom and Dad were telling me that thier son told them my son was his best friend, and they said Oh yea, and he said yea. He's the biggest kid in our class and I'm the smallest, so I figured if he was my best friend he could protect me. Now as an adult my son is still probably the biggest one in his class height wise any ways. At 28 years old he is 6'5" and I dout anyone in his class is any taller.

I worked on somemore siggies today. I'm about caught up now.


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